Monday, August 27, 2012

90 sek

90 sec faces

heads 90 sec

Hands 120 sec

Warm-up face and hand studies

Here are some 90-second face warm-ups from today and last night's 120-second face studies. The hands were done today at 120 seconds (though since has some lame hand photos some of them are my own hands being expressive and whatnot) The Superman and the two to the left of it were done from imagination. The Storm (from X-Men) picture was a quick portrait sketch done from imagination.

learning art chart

heres a list me and Julain started working on during the summer.
Its basicly a list of how to become a good artist.
Im not saying Its the only way, or that its going to work for everyone.

this is the first draft


* also Look at artists you admire. Picasso said: Good artists borrow, great artists steal"

adam will post some way nicer ones soon

Im open to suggestions and ideas btw
Tim and I were talking about the path to becoming a better artist and he had started putting together some ideas.  I took his ideas and made a quick mind map.  Let us know how we can improve this to help all the self-taught folks out there:

Head Studies (60 and 90 seconds)

Some head studies from . The first batch were 60 seconds and the second batch were 90 seconds. I used the 2B brush from Anthony Jones' tool presets. If you hold the stylus in a sideways position like you would with an actual pencil you get this really awesome charcoal effect. I got my heads in much quicker using it! :)

Some Head Studies

60 Second Studies

90 Second Studies

head studies

first ones are 60 sec

these are 90 sec

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gamut Mapping Resources

Hey all,  thought I would post some resources for Gamut Mapping as described in James Gurney's Color and Light book.

Here is an online tool for generating Gamut Maps:

The Gamut Mask

and here is a nice downloadable Yurmby Wheel I found:

Refs and inspirational blogs

Hey guys, I figured I'd post some of the inspirational blogs I have found.
as some of you know I have a blog like that myself here

Heres some of my favorites

Oh, and sorry about ruining your plans for the rest of the day (:
Just trying to get back into my tablet and art in general.

Value study of a banana.

some of today's studies

60 sec heads 

and some enviros

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

painted from ref.  I still need some more work on my figures

and an enviro thing.. Not using ref for this one

Sunday, August 5, 2012