Tuesday, June 4, 2013

London Conceptart workshop!!

Hi everyone, as some of you might have heard, Julian Rick and me (Tim) vent to the Conceptart workshop in London. I just got home now. Lots of good stuff, and got to talk to some heros of mine. feel free to ask anything.

anyways, met lots of nice people there, and  I said I would do a post on how to get in touch with the group

you can add me on skype (dstrax) or facebook. my real name is Tim Holm.
or send me an email and Ill sort things out dstrax@gmail.com

due to the way blogger works you have to be added as a contributor to be able to post, but Its no problem.
so let me know if your interested. and Ill put your name\nickname and link it to your blog or website on the side of the blog