Thursday, September 27, 2012

Playing Catchup

Title:  Clare, From Life
Date: September 17 & 19, 2012
Medium: Ink
Scale: Each 'page' is 9" x 12"

Notes: We did a few life drawings that were timed. Each one was about twenty minutes. The focus was to really get in there with the ink and use measuring and mark making to it's maximum. The top right was to only use one value to really get the form out. This was extremely fun and I want to do many, many more of these.

Title:  Studying Techniques
Date: September 19, 2012
Medium: Photoshop

Notes: Each of these is using a different technique to get value. I'm trying to learn every way I can and see what really sticks for me. Honestly the Gibson method might be the most interesting, but how does that translate to painting? I mean I guess I could start to put washes on top of what I draw, but I feel like I need some color instead of just straight value. Maybe I could digital paint over these lines? I'm not sure yet really... will definitely need more experimentation and practice before this makes sense. Anyway, the second method is a bit closer to edge / planar analysis. It was meant to find the contours and big mass of color to just get all the things in the right place. And finally, the third one is a subtractive form of painting. I was just blocking in the black shapes and then coming back into it with the lighter tones until it started to get closer to what I was looking for. Hopefully all of these make sense, but regardless... I'll have more of them soon.

Title:  Life Drawing II
Date: Variable
Medium: Ink
Scale: Each 'page' is 9" x 12"

Notes: Getting back into the swing of things with a ton of life drawing... this time in ink-o-vision. Just gotta keep on trucking... only a ton of hours to go before I reach the 10k hour mark.

Title:  Life Drawing I
Date: Variable
Medium: Graphite
Scale: Each 'page' is 9" x 12"

Notes: Getting back into the swing of things with a ton of life drawing... this is just the graphite ones. I have a ton more in the pipe.

Title:  Figure Sketches 1 - 3
Date: August 1 - 31, 2012
Medium: Photoshop

Notes: Just a ton of sketches for studies. Need to do sooo many more of these...

Title:  Crash Study
Date: August 4, 2012
Medium: Photoshop
Scale: Original is 2550px x 1072px

Notes: This movie is actually a really good movie. I especially love some of the long panned shots such as this one.

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