Tuesday, October 9, 2012

first a dragon i painted to try and get better at rendering and a old painting i continued on. and some Children of Men photo studies, watched the movie some days ago it's really good


  1. the dragon thingy is really cool julian! is it from imagination?

  2. Dragon is looking great so far! and the huge robot thing looks nice aswell. I think the lines in the light are a bit to sharp. atleast soften the edges a little bit :) The sky looks wonderful and the trees look realistic.

    the film studies are very good as well. I should do some of these myself :/
    you could try to color them using layer modes. but they look very nice in grayscale so its not really needed

  3. Actualy one more thing. I was wondering about the dragons jaw. It looks like his lover jaw is static while the upper one is the one that moves? and Im not sure how he would look with his mouth closed. seems like he would have a pretty big overbite :)
    great rendering though

  4. thanks:) the dragon is from imagination. I guess I went blind to the construction while rendering I'll try fixing it. maybe I'll do some drawings of his skull that could be fun :)