Sunday, October 14, 2012

here are to WIP for a IDW  challenge I'm working on. 

and here's the final

the lights turn yellow when the clone is lowered down for transport.
the clone is in a plastic bag filled with transparent slime, just thought it would look cool when the bag gets ripped open or something :)

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  1. This is really cool looking! and congrats on winning the IDW!! I really need to start joining those things :P

    as for crits i think It would look better if the rendering on the guy was cleaner. The way I would do it is by using solid colors and softening the egdes you want with the smudgetool. select a kinda messy brush and turn on scatter :)

    and it would also look more sensable if there was an assebely line ting with more clones on underneth, So it looks like the machine is picking up one and infusing him with a soul