Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Night study + update on the guys

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  1. so i just copied the chat we had, it wont really make sense with my replies out of context so I edited it a bit

    Tim: really nice contrast
    Tim: on the lunar mystic I think it might look good if some of the light hit his hood
    Victor Quaresma: yeah I was gonna do that, it was on the initial sketch
    Tim: and the smoke is a bit to photoshopy still
    Victor Quaresma: but it would give me tons of problems regarding his positioning
    Victor Quaresma: not sure on what to do for the staff also
    Tim: Id maybe add it in a new layer and just really carfully erase it back with a soft brush
    Tim: give the staff a super bright highligt on the top and soften the edges on most of the stuff going on in the background
    Tim: I think his hand could do with some softening aswell
    Tim: and just pick out the lines you want sharp
    Tim: its actualy easyer to soften things and then go in ad add hard edges
    Tim: kinda the opesat of olis
    Tim: I kinda like how he disapares into the background
    Tim: the other guy is looking very good, but again the thing about his chin.
    it looks like you got some forshortening going on but his head doesent show that
    and the thing with the angle.
    very nice rendering though.
    highlights need some soft edges.

    Tim: and I'd recomend bluring the background a bit
    Tim: oh and tone down the edge light on the his back
    It should just be barely visible seeig as the background is black

    oh and his hand seemes to be at a kinda wrong angle

    Victor Quaresma: and how do you think I can fix the mystic guy value wise?
    Victor Quaresma: I feel like it needs more contrast
    Victor Quaresma: but not sure if I should darken up the darks
    Tim: Im not so sure it needs fixing
    Victor Quaresma: or add more highlights on the shadows
    Tim: yea those things are allways good
    Victor Quaresma: maybe I should add some details on the background
    ictor Quaresma: I feel it is too simple
    Tim: Im not against using black or white myself
    Tim: I usualy try to say away from black when working with color
    tim: but it looks awsome if done right

    Tim: speculars are pretty sexy